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Giselle Cheung

Giselle Cheung

I take great pride in creating a positive learning environment where my students feel supported and we can work together to ensure the most challenging concepts are easy to understand. I also take the teacher’s position as a role-model very seriously and take care to demonstrate a caring and compassionate nature that nurtures my students’ well-being and personal development.

Giselle Cheung graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a major in English Studies. Her studies mainly focused on English literature, which included both classical works and modern literary texts. In her free time, Giselle acted as an English mentor in her secondary school and provided guidance for weaker students around her. Giselle is also experienced in teaching grammar concepts and creating tailor-made exam practice papers for her students to tackle various exam syllabuses.


  • BA (English Studies) The University of Hong Kong


Learning through Social Media

Many parents can feel hesitant to let their children use social media. However, with the right channels, social media can be beneficial to language learners. Personally, I find social media to be a very convenient tool, and I have been using it since secondary school. Here are a few benefits of utilising social media for language learning: Good Use of Commute Time The content on… Read More