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Spread your wings this summer with i-Learner to reach greater heights! Our summer activities will take students on an adventurous learning journey to reach their potential.


Have a look through our summer brochures below:


Once Upon A Time…Kindergarten English and Chinese Summer Courses, 2024


Once Upon a Time_Kindergarten Programme_Summer 2024

Once upon a time… Getting ready for the magic of stories and summer? Join us this summer for a lot of stories, and magic with nature and science. This summer, you can choose to join our summer programme once or week, or six times a week! Come and join us for your kid to create a story of his/her own this summer!

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Summer I Spy (6 weeks of half-day summer camps for 3-6 year olds)


Summer I Spy_14_7-31_8 2024

Located in the vibrant neighbourhoods of Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai, i-Learner education centres offer young learners an extraordinary summer adventure. Nestled among the harbour, parks, museums, and a range of urban attractions, our centres provide the perfect setting for exploration and discovery. This summer, join us for the Summer I Spy camp, where children will explore various parks, take a ferry and create a journal. The creativity and excitement of Summer I Spy will sprout and lead to something beautiful. 

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Inspiring Primary Summer Courses, 2024


Copy of Inspiring_Primary Programme_Summer 2024

Enjoy an inspiring summer at i-Learner and be an inspiring individual! Our vibrant theme reflects our hopes for a fun-filled summer of glittering achievement.

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i-Learner Adventure Academy (Summer Camp)


i-Learner Adventure Academy (Summer School小學夏令營)_14_7_2024-31_8_2024

This summer, ignite your curiosity and language skills at the i-Learner Adventure Academy! Choose from 1, 2 or all 7 exciting weeks.

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Making an Impact: Secondary Summer Courses, 2024


Making an Impact_Secondary Programme_Summer 2024

Human beings are unique individuals. We each make an impact on the world in our own special way. This summer, i-Learner would like to take students on an adventurous learning journey to reach their potential. Our special Summer Term, which runs from 9th June to 30th August (regular courses) or 15th July to 30th August (special courses), provides an opportunity to improve your academic skills and explore your passions.

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Seven Weeks of Academic Success (5 Half Day + 1 Excursion)


Seven Weeks of Academic Success_14_7-31_8 2024

If you are struggling with English and feel like making a change by making use of this summer, come and join our English Foundation Camps or our DSE Bootcamps. If they are already good at English, why don’t you let them try our iGCSE subject tasters to see if they are ready for the programme for more qualifications? Finally if they are preparing for university admissions, come and join our personal statement workshops, or pre-courses for specific subjects!  

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