Welcome to our Summer Tutors 2018-07-03

Summer’s already off to a great start here at i-Learner. In order to support our fun action packed programme of activities we always invite a group of handpicked Oxbridge tutors to join us. We’ll let them introduce themselves to you in this great video! https://www.i-learner.edu.hk/wp-con … 閱讀更多

Austen Term Awards Ceremony 2018-06-28

Our Award ceremony was well attended by many enthusiastic students along with their very supportive parents as well as a couple of new teachers. Have a look at some photos from the evening. A big congratulations to all our winners once again! … 閱讀更多

i-Learner Austen Term Newsletter 2018 2018-05-16

We are pleased to announce that i-Learner’s Austen Term Newsletter has been published! This term’s edition is packed full of useful information and exciting news, such as: Courses to help you pack your summer with fun and learning Our teachers』 book recommendations for you to discover Top … 閱讀更多

Teacher Diaries

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Nordstrom – Discovery 2018-07-11

Encouraging a Child’s Self-Discovery Children are born with an innate drive to discover the world around them, from the time when they are toddlers, dropping their pacifiers off of their high chairs and exploring the spatial limits of rooms by crawling, they have a natural urge … 閱讀更多

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Esme – Discovery 2018-07-04

Do you have any areas of knowledge like Maths and Science, or hobbies like swimming and playing musical instruments, that you know very well or even excel in? Are they more related to your school work and jobs than to your daily life or the world in general? When we … 閱讀更多

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Grace – Discovery 2018-06-27

Summer is a time for everyone to discover to new hobbies, new interests, and new places to visit. With more time on their hands after their exams are over, children can explore new countries and try new things with their parents and their friends. Many of my students have told … 閱讀更多


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