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簡單過去式 現在完成式
句式 肯定句: 動詞過去式 肯定句: has / have + 過去分詞
否定句: did not + 動詞原型 否定句: has / have + not + 過去分詞
疑問句: Did + 主語 +動詞原型 疑問句: Has / Have + 主語 +過去分詞
用法 以描述:

  • 已於過去完成的動作或事件


  • 於過去開始,並持續進行到目前的動作或事件
  • 過去發生,但目前仍受其結果或效果影響
  • 重覆多次的動作或事件
  • 到目前為止的人生經驗



Yesterday, Once upon a time, A week / month / year ago, Last week / month / year, In the past, etc.


Already, Just, Since, For, Yet, Never, Ever, Recently, So far, Up to now, This week / month / year, Before, etc.


I tidied my room yesterday.

I did not go to Japan last year.

Did you do your homework?


I have already tidied my room.

I have not been to Japan before.

Have you done your homework?


  1. Ben __________________ (see) Wendy at the park yesterday.
  2. Vicky _______ never ___________ (be) to Japan before.
  3. Dad __________________ (not open) the window this morning.
  4. I ________ already ____________ (finish) my homework.
  5. James __________________ (not water) the flowers last week.


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