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Andy Chan

Andy Chan


Learning should be a fun and pain-free experience. A goal of teaching is to tap into the natural curiosity of students and turn learning into a discovery.

Andy Chan has a rich background in the biological sciences. As a native English speaker from the US, Andy has volunteered his spare time to teach English as a private tutor to local children. He incorporates his knowledge of the sciences into his teaching to enrich his lessons and foster his students’ natural curiosity. Andy continues to pursue his goal of becoming a Medical Laboratory Scientist, while also developing his career as a Biology and English teacher.


  • MS Medicine (Medical Science): Taipei Medical University
  • BS (Biology): University of California: San Diego



學習一門新語言可能令人生畏,但不一定無聊透頂。我小時候學習英語,很喜歡在教科書和語法練習之外探索語言的樂趣。我最喜歡也最有效… 看更多