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Rebecah Lin

Rebecah Lin

As a second language learner, I understand how intimidating and hard learning English can be. Thus, my goal as a teacher is to help my students find joy in learning, build up their confidence, and encourage them to take learning beyond the classroom. I believe that every child has great potential that just needs to be unleashed.

Rebecah Lin graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a BA in English Studies and German. Her focus in university was 18 th and 19 th century English literature, but she enjoys reading all kinds of books. She hopes to pass her passion for reading and language learning to her students so that they can explore more of the world. Rebecah has been tutoring children for several years now and loves being surprised by their creativity.


  • BA (English Studies and German) The University of Hong Kong


Kongish and English Learning

“I need to go to Mong Kok tomorrow but will people mountain, people sea. So hoi sum.” “You add oil la! It not big problem geh. The place always so many people. Just blow water with your fren while you wait.” Can you understand what these sentences mean? If you have lived in Hong Kong for a while, these… Read More

Spontaneity in the Classroom

Spontaneity is a great way to stimulate interest in learning, add excitement to a lesson, and provide opportunities for students to be creative and proactive. Here are some ways I’m spontaneous in the classroom, which can be applied to learning anywhere: Let students make decisions When students are given agency in the classroom, they are more motivated to actively participate in the lesson. This can… Read More

Modern Retellings of Classic Literature

Classic literature has long captivated readers with its timeless stories and enduring themes. However, there are also many who feel intimidated by the stories’ complex language and distant settings. Modern retellings of classic literature are able to breathe new life into these beloved stories. There are several benefits of reading modern retellings of classic literature. Relatability and relevance  Modern retellings can make classic literature more… Read More

Choosing the Right Type of Secondary School

Choosing the right type of secondary school can be a daunting task for both parents and students. With a variety of schools to choose from, it’s important to understand the differences between them to make an informed decision. Below is a list of the different types of secondary schools in Hong Kong: School Type: Government schools Funding and Fees: Fully funded by the government. Curriculum:… Read More

Reading Outside of Your Comfort Zone

One of my favourite things to do is read a mystery novel in one go. Mystery is my favourite genre, and the familiarity of the set up and solution of the puzzle is very comforting – even though the plot is new each time, I still know what to expect. This year, however, I’m challenging myself to read outside my comfort zone. The first thing… Read More

Children’s Literature from Around the World

Reading children’s books is more than just a fun pastime, although that is an important reason to read more. Children’s literature introduces young readers to different social issues and bigger themes, which helps them develop their critical thinking skills. As children are exposed to other cultures through stories, they learn to see the world from other people’s perspectives. This fosters children’s ability to empathise and… Read More

Learning Through Language Exchange

Have you ever felt inspired to learn a new language? If you’re like most people, maybe you downloaded an app like Duolingo and made great progress at memorising vocabulary … for about a week. The hardest part about language learning is finding the motivation to persist and building up enough confidence to converse with others. That’s where language exchange comes in. In language exchange, you… Read More

Creating a Story Setting

Setting – the place and time in which the story takes place – is a vital element in creative writing. A well-crafted setting builds a vivid picture in readers’ minds, helping them feel as if they are in the story. Setting also influences the atmosphere, for example, in this extract from The Hobbit, in which JRR Tolkien establishes a cosy, lighthearted feeling with this description: … Read More

Tenses in Story Writing

When writing a story, the majority of students are able to come up with creative plots and vivid characters. But when it comes to the actual writing, students can struggle with using the correct tenses. This takes some practice, especially when stories move around in time a lot. For example, a story set in the past might have a character who speaks in present tense,… Read More