i-Learner Education Centre


Adele Wong

這次朗誦比賽,我參加了英詩朗誦和聖經朗讀兩部分,整個準備過程實在緊張,由看到宣傳後決定報名參加,到收到誦材,再到比賽日期,前… Read More


Dear Miss Willow, Where do I begin? Probably before P1 school year even started, when I heard such positive things about you and i-Learner. Based on popular opinion, I expected great things this year — and I have not been disappointed. Charlotte always has positive things to say about you and your class, she enjoys it and looks forwards to going weekly after school. We… Read More

Berry Yu, S6

Joining the DSE class means you have a varied task to complete weekly. This class covers 4 papers while the tutor will guide students according to their abilities. Read More

Ms. Leung – Yasmine Leung K3

Since Yasmine first came to i-Leaner a few months ago, her English proficiency has improved significantly, in particular her reading skills as well as composition. I give thanks to her teacher, Ms. Laura, who has whole-heartedly taught her English. This has not only enhanced her overall English ability, but more importantly, has raised her interest in English learning. Read More

Mrs. Cheung (Athena’s mother)

i-Learner is a learning centre that provides a stimulating environment for quality education. The teachers are highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the children’s learning. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Adam for making the lessons enjoyable and useful. You’re a skillful teacher!… Read More

Athena Cheung P2

Dear Mr. Adam, As a teacher you’re a STAR! You never are FAR! You never cease to surprise ME! Most of all, thank you for teaching ME! i-Learner is my favourite place to learn, the classes are fun and the teachers are all very kind, supportive and helpful. Read More

Ms. Lai (Bernice Lai K2)

The course materials fit Bernice’s level very well and I can see improvements after each lesson. Her reading skill has improved a lot. She is able to recognise a number of sight words which are provided on her notes. These sight words help her to read and write simple sentences, so she has found reading books more fun and interesting. Reading aloud in class helps… Read More

Milo Ho (F2)

我的兒子在i-Learner Education Centre補習中文,這是真正的小班補習。如有不明白的地方,學生可以即時向… Read More

Issac Hung (P1)

I like the Wormly Squiggly Spaghetti lesson and all the Roald Dahl books lessons. It is because I like to read funny twit books. It is very very very very very very very … funny!!!… Read More

Mrs Yang

Garyson used to refuse to write even one sentence, and now, he enjoys writing stories! Since the studio groups students according to their levels but not age, the students within a class feel more confident to express themselves as they don’t feel intimidated. Apart from written English, Garyson has also become aware of the grammar in his spoken English. He has even started correcting his… Read More


I enjoy coming to English Studio for lessons a lot. I can write a lot more than before. I like the tutors here because they are extremely patient with me. I like the decorations at the studio as they are fun and relaxing. Read More

Jaclyn (Emily’s mother)

Emily forgot to tell you that she had got the highest marks (composition) in her class. Also, only 7 out of 38 students passed the Maths exam in her class. She was one of them. Many thanks to you and the teachers in your centre. Wishing you a prosperous year!… Read More