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Gigi Cheng

Gigi Cheng


Reading is the best way to learn a language. It allows students to learn new words in context while being engaged in different stories. This helps students realise why they need to excel in a language – to fully understand what others have to say and to communicate their own views and thoughts precisely. I believe in and dedicate myself to fuelling students’ motivation and interest  through exposure, understanding and practice.

Gigi Cheng graduated from City University with First Class Honours in English Studies, further developing her strong passion for the English language and literature. Having been a part-time English tutor for over three years, she firmly believes that anyone can learn English through reading. She enjoys working with English learners of all levels and ages. In her free time, Gigi is an avid reader, especially of adventure and fantasy novels. She also writes fiction and prose as an artistic outlet.


  • 香港城市大學文學士(英文)