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Experimenting with grammar and new vocabulary

Learning grammar may be something that requires strenuous efforts to achieve great accuracy in the eyes of many students. It has always been my wish to change this deep-rooted impression. If you understand the rules and do your grammar exercises carefully, grammar can definitely help you get a sense of satisfaction in learning English.

Below is an exemplary piece of work from one of my P2 students taking Advanced Grammar and Reading course. With such neatness and accuracy of the exercises, who would ever imagine that this student had barely no idea of simple present tense and present continuous tense just two months ago? Instead of putting a big cross which could possibly undermine the confidence of the students in further attempting the questions, I would often ask them to highlight the keywords that help them find out the answers whenever I spot minor slips in their work. I would also ask them to do some drawing when they are acquiring new vocabulary. This student had so much fun getting to know what a flamingo is and drawing it next to the word. Before he would refuse to work independently when he was presented with tasks he deemed challenging. Now he has been showing gradual improvement and interest in learning English, which continues to impress me a lot. Well done, Issac!

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