Secondary School

The key to success in secondary school is for students to engage with the subject they’re learning. The complexity of the ideas at this level means that students can no longer memorise their answers from a book, but must learn to think for themselves.

i-Learner strives to provide students with the skills to do just this. Young adults taking Classical Chinese, Applied Critical Thinking and our specialised English and Chinese DSE courses, for example, will master the skills needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond.


DSE Chinese

Our DSE Chinese course will focus on reading, writing and the skills in listening and integrated. We aim to improve our students’ comprehensive abilities in… Read More


DSE English

At i-Learner, we understand the importance of catering to the needs of students of varied abilities. This is often neglected at higher levels, which… Read More

Love to Write

Starting from K3, i-Learner’s Love to Write course takes students right the way through primary and secondary school, and develops key writing skills in… Read More