Our kindergarten courses nurture a child’s inborn curiosity and their excitement about learning. Students develop their phonics, reading, and writing skills while at the same time expanding their creativity and imagination. We ensure that children are not limited to what they learn from books, but are inspired to learn and explore the whole world of knowledge around them.

Our 6-level Pre-School English course is well-supported by a phonics crash course for those who need to boost their abilities, as well as classes to prepare for Cambridge YLE and Trinity GESE certificates. From the very beginning of their education, we work hard to prepare young learners to excel throughout the years ahead.

We also provide a comprehensive foundation for Chinese learning with our General Chinese and Chinese Pinyin courses. In addition, students can prepare for their KPCC exams through classes which focus on natural pronunciation and conversation, as well as an opportunity to experience some wonderful poetry.

Love to Write

Starting from K3, i-Learner’s Love to Write course takes students right the way through primary and secondary school, and develops key writing skills in… Read More

Chinese PinYin

由全國普通話水平測試二級甲等以上水準的老師,教授標準的拼音發音和實用會話技巧。課程參考內地權威教材,且針對香港學生的發音難點,補充了大量強化練習。 預期成效 熟練掌握全部拼音規則 以普通話輕鬆閱讀注音讀物 教學方法 以唱誦兒歌、繞口令、拼音字卡的方式,帶領孩子們享受學說普通話的樂趣。… Read More

General Chinese

「為甚麼做了大量習題,孩子的語文成績還是不見提升?」。學生的語文能力薄弱,並非因為不熟悉中文。缺乏語感才是癥結所在。 愛上語文小學課程一改「題海戰術」的機械操練模式,首創「佳作研讀」的教學方法。我們精選了200多篇名家美文。通過研讀課文,學生不僅可以習得規範、優美的中文,更能提升文學修養、提高鑒賞能力。 課程亦與學校教學同步,劃分為六個等級,每一等級的「語文知識」講解語法要點、文化常識等,學生可根據自己的中文程度選擇相應的課程。 中學階段,白話文閱讀的難點在於歸納、推斷及鑒賞。要提升上述三項能力,歸根究底在於克服思維的惰性。中學語文課程首創「研討」模式,不以填鴨式教授學生,而是鼓勵學生通過自行討論尋求答案。此外,教師亦會教授思考方式以及答題語言技巧,使學生在思維得到操練的同時,亦能兼顧考試,達到「從心所欲,而不逾矩」的境界。 預期成效 學會規範、優美的中文。 提升文學修養、提高語文鑒賞能力。 掌握答題技巧,在考試中取得理想成績。 教學方法 小學班透過「字詞薈萃」、「句段錦集」、「閱讀理解」、「寫作技巧」四個專項教學,幫助學生全方位、系統化地夯實中文基礎。 每堂課都通過講故事、做遊戲等方式,引導學生在歡笑中學習實用的語文知識。 中學班以研討和分析模式,培養學生主動學習的能力 。… Read More