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We offer courses tailored for all ages. Take a look at the courses on the following pages or download our latest timetable.

We have courses available covering a wide range of skills and experiences. We’re sure you’ll be able to find something that suits you! If you would like to speak to one of our advisers feel free to contact us. They’ll be happy to find you a course that’s just right.

IMG_7000 We offer a wide variety of courses for kindergartens ranging from speaking, performing and exams based courses. Our pre-school courses nurture a child’s inborn curiosity and excitement in learning. Children will gradually develop their abilities and skills in phonics, reading and writing, alongside a blooming creativity and imagination. Click here for details on our kindergarten courses.

Trinity GESE Grade 1

Trinity GESE Cat Picture We have conversation samples, as well as some key vocabulary, for students who are taking the Trinity GESE Grade 1 spoken examinations.

Alphabet Letter Cards

aTo help learning with our deck of letter cards, we have produced some sound clips with different phonics sounds along with examples.

Kindergarten Course Overview

Kindergarten Courses Overview Thumbnail Take a look at our handy guide showing an overview of our kindergarten courses.

DGJS Course Books Our Primary school courses are specifically tailored towards local schools making sure our students not only get the most out of their curriculum but can also think critically and independently. Click for details of our primary courses.

IMG_1700 Our Secondary school courses provide students with key skills they will use for the rest of their lives, enriching their work and giving them a greater perspective on the world. Click for details on our secondary courses.

i-Learner Summer School Thumbnail Exams are coming and summer is in the air! It is time for us to prepare for the big final exams and the re-energising summer again. Here are the i-Learner schedules for May, June, July and August.We aim to provide our children with the best exam preparation, the most vibrant experiential learning in our Little Scholars summer camps, post-exam summer courses, and the best preparation for the coming school year in the intensive six-week summer courses. Of course, we will continue to provide our regular courses, which prove to be excellent supplements to the school curriculum.

i-Learner EnglishLeap is an immersive summer English programme in which students are able to work together with tutors from top universities like University of Cambridge and University of Oxford from Monday to Friday every day starting from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon. Students are not just able to pick up English from their tutors from fun games and activities, they are able to build up their confidence and develop their learning strategies which are going to be applied in their coming academic year. EnglishLeap is also a rare opportunity for students to know about different cultures and different ways to approach a language as well as learning. Both the tutors and camp students have valued EnglishLeap as a time in summer where they can learn more about themselves and unleash their potentials.

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