International Education

Education is a passport. As the world becomes more globalised, more students are striving to gain an international education and 21st-century skills. Our international courses ensure that students cultivate the critical thinking, broad knowledge and multilingual self-expression needed to be a successful global citizen, wherever they find themselves in the world.

Our international courses give students access to a wide range of subjects, some of which are found at only a handful of international schools in Hong Kong. At i-Learner, our first-rate tutors are making these subjects available to each and every student who is determined to succeed in an international setting.

Students not only have access our specially-designed Voyage and Discovery secondary programmes, they can also take IB and IGCSE courses and choose from Latin, Classical Greek, French, German and Spanish to build up their global education portfolio.

Classics and Modern Languages

Classical Greek

At our i-Learner Centres, students can now study the foundational language of European culture — Classical Greek! By studying this language, students can not only hone their logic, critical thinking and understanding of English, they can also gain an insight into the many philosophical ideas, political systems and scientific breakthroughs that underpin European civilisation. Moreover, students familiar with Greek myths and heroes will be able… Read More


French is known as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Students who enjoy music, have an ear for languages, and love literature, cinema and debate will love learning français. This is also a good language to choose for any students who are aiming to study abroad. With over 76 million native speakers around the world, French is the primary foreign language in… Read More


German is known to be a complex yet rewarding language. Students who enjoy Maths and logic puzzles will love learning German.  Plus, as it’s closely related to English, students will learn about the roots and cognates of many English words by studying German vocabulary. Our German course equips students with the foundations of German vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. Students learn how to introduce themselves… Read More


Our i-Learner Centre now offers students the opportunity to hone their logic, critical thinking and understanding of English by studying Latin, the language of the Ancient Romans! Although deemed a ‘dead language’, Latin is very much alive in the way in its long-lasting influence on English. Over 60% of words in English are derived from Latin, either directly or through French. This means… Read More


Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages in schools across the world. Students are drawn to the warmth and charm of the language, as well as its accessibility. Many find Spanish easier to learn than other global languages.  As it’s the official language of most Latin American countries, it has 450 million native speakers — making it the second most spoken language in… Read More



Our Discovery courses make for an advanced programme catering to the needs and demands of ambitious S4-6 students at a key stage of their development. Discovery builds on our Voyage courses and gives learners a strong foundation that will give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed at IGCSEs, IB, A Levels, DSE and university admissions. Core Skills  As with our… Read More

Global Speaking Passport

International speaking course for confidence and fluency. Want to master English pronunciation? Speak using the right words and structure? Express your opinion convincingly? Our online speaking course is taught by top UK tutors and gives students essential tools for speaking confidently and fluently — at home or in a new school abroad. At i-Learner, we want our students to become confident linguists who can express… Read More


i-Learner provides both Lit and Lang-Lit courses for students studying the Diploma level of IB. Our courses help students polish all the key skills required for exam success. For the Language Paper, students need to become familiar with a very wide range of text types, as well as the specific ways in which these texts can be modified by the writer to adapt to different… Read More


Our IGCSE course guides students preparing for their First Language IGCSEs in English Language and English Literature. Our course broadly follows the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, and helps students polish all the key skills required for exam success. For the Language Paper, students will build a good understanding of the demands of a range of writing skills such as narrative, descriptive, and response writing, while also… Read More


Our Voyage courses have been especially designed for all S1-3 students to reach their maximum potential and excel at English language and literature. These carefully designed courses ensure that all students can build a strong foundation and consolidate essential skills, such as linguistic understanding, self-expression and critical thinking, before they move on to tackle more complex materials in preparation for international and local examinations, and… Read More