i‑Learner Education Centre


We Will Fly

Launched in 2010, We Will Fly is a project in which i-Learner works together with Hong Kong Society for Community Organisation (SoCO) to support students from underprivileged backgrounds to unleash their potential and find their own paths of growing. The projects have been supported by partners including KPMG and the University of Hong Kong’s School of English.

The project includes the following parts:
a. Regular evening classes for students to polish their English skills and learning strategies so that English is not the barrier between them and their university exams or future career paths.
b. Scholarships for students to join our regular classes at the centres
c. Participating in our five-year project named Daffodils and Foxgloves
d. EnglishLeap Summer Camps

Our work with SoCO has been featured in the following publications.