Primary School Courses

Our Primary school courses are specifically tailored towards local schools making sure our students not only get the most out of their curriculum but can also think critically and independently.

Advanced Grammar and Reading

Understanding and using grammar contextually can be a great challenge. This course will provide students with a foundation of solid grammar and rigorous reading skills that can then be applied effectively during reading and writing. Course Highlights: Tailor-made Curriculum Systematic Grammar Teaching Effective Reading Skills Extensive Exercises and Stimulating Content… Read More

Cambridge English: Key

Cambridge English: Key, also known as Key English Test (KET), is a basic level qualification that shows you can use English to communicate in simple situations. It shows you have made a good start in learning English. This is a great course to take following on from the YLE exams, or… Read More

Cambridge English: Preliminary

Cambridge English: Preliminary, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET), is an intermediate level qualification. It is suitable for upper primary and lower secondary students. Our course prepares students will the skills needed, and also a thorough expectation of what is required to do well in the exam. Read More

Cambridge Young Learners English

Cambridge Young Learners English is a series of fun, motivating English language tests, suitable for children in kindergarten and primary education. There are three activity-based tests – Starters, Movers and Flyers. This gives students a clear path to improve in English. The courses to prepare for the YLE tests cover all four… Read More

Critical Reading and Writing

Critical reading and writing course is a reader-based literature course designed by our tutors (Cambridge University graduates). The goal of the course is to nurture students’ critical thinking ability and enable them to tackle unfamiliar problems with their existing knowledge, logic and rationality. It is tailor-designed for top school students… Read More

Exam Practice

Throughout the year, we hold several sessions of dedicated exam practice. This is tailored to the needs of each individual, and is based on school materials and past exam papers. Read More

Love to Write

Unleash creativity, learn to write in various genres and be an author! To teach children how to write and how to express their ideas and emotions is such a joy for both teachers and students. With basic skills in writing, students will learn to express themselves in a rich variety… Read More

Magic Phonics

Beautiful accent! Instinctive pronunciation! Better spelling! Magic Phonics is a quick and fun way to improve reading skills and teaches students phonics knowledge that they can use while they learn. With a wide variety of fun games and activities introducing the sounds and spelling patterns of English, students will soon… Read More

Maths (Taught in English)

English mathematics classes will enhance student’s spatial, numerical and logical processing skills, as well as improving their grades at school. Through this course, students will develop an interest in mathematics as a result of a well-designed curriculum, and the dedicated and effective teaching of our enthusiastic teachers. Read More

Public Speaking

Beautiful accent, fluency and confidence with speaking! Public speaking abilities and skills can be trained. This curriculum focuses on voice coaching, confidence, fluency and presentation skills. Students will gradually speak in front of an audience with confidence. Training is given on a wide range of topics, such as interview skills… Read More

Speech Festival Preparation Course

Student Preparation A recent Speech Festival Champion Award-winning speech and drama experts here at i-Learner are available to train speech festival entrants in a wide array of classes. Our years of experience in this field has led to many of our students being awarded honors. We run training courses… Read More

Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English

Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) GESE examinations are an assessment of speaking and listening skills. They are one-to-one oral examinations with a native English-speaking Trinity examiner who travels from the UK. Our training through grades 1-12 helps students prepare the practical English skills they need for this exam, and… Read More

Trinity Integrated Skills in English

ISE examinations test all four language skills — speaking, writing, listening and reading. They are available at five key levels which are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The assessment is about how the four skills integrate with each other. In the real world of… Read More

Chinese Writing

不知寫什麽、不知怎麼寫,是小學生抗拒寫作的主要原因。愛上寫作課程從創新、邏輯、積累著手,激發孩子對寫作的熱情。 課程以話題主導,旨在訓練創造力、積累寫作素材,鼓勵學生不拘一格地寫作。教師亦會針對學生的個人情況給予相應指導,令每一位學生的寫作能力得到提升的同時,亦展現與眾不同的風格。 課程共設三個等級,分別對應初、中、高小的寫作難度,涵蓋記敘、描寫、抒情、說明、議論五大文體。 中學階段的寫作,不僅注重語言的流暢與準確,更需要學生具備獨立的思想。中學寫作課程通過大量閱讀,幫助學生打破思維定勢、積累寫作素材,使學生在寫作時有感可發。課程亦引導學生鑒賞名家名篇,借鑒它山之石,錘煉自己的寫作功力。… Read More

Competitive Mathematics

By participating in Mathematical Olympiads or World Class Tests, students gain opportunities to nurture their logical thinking capacities through competing with and learning from counterparts over the world. However, Mathematical Olympiads (MO) has over the years become notorious for an overwhelming curriculum, demanding on significantly accelerated learning and robotic training. Read More

General Chinese

「為甚麼做了大量習題,孩子的語文成績還是不見提升?」。學生的語文能力薄弱,並非因為不熟悉中文。缺乏語感才是癥結所在。 愛上語文小學課程一改「題海戰術」的機械操練模式,首創「佳作研讀」的教學方法。我們精選了200多篇名家美文。通過研讀課文,學生不僅可以習得規範、優美的中文,更能提升文學修養、提高鑒賞能力。 課程亦與學校教學同步,劃分為六個等級,每一等級的「語文知識」講解語法要點、文化常識等,學生可根據自己的中文程度選擇相應的課程。 中學階段,白話文閱讀的難點在於歸納、推斷及鑒賞。要提升上述三項能力,歸根究底在於克服思維的惰性。中學語文課程首創「研討」模式,不以填鴨式教授學生,而是鼓勵學生通過自行討論尋求答案。此外,教師亦會教授思考方式以及答題語言技巧,使學生在思維得到操練的同時,亦能兼顧考試,達到「從心所欲,而不逾矩」的境界。 預期成效 學會規範、優美的中文。 提升文學修養、提高語文鑒賞能力。 掌握答題技巧,在考試中取得理想成績。 教學方法 小學班透過「字詞薈萃」、「句段錦集」、「閱讀理解」、「寫作技巧」四個專項教學,幫助學生全方位、系統化地夯實中文基礎。 每堂課都通過講故事、做遊戲等方式,引導學生在歡笑中學習實用的語文知識。 中學班以研討和分析模式,培養學生主動學習的能力 。… Read More

Mastering Reading Skills

Develop a reading habit for life! Fun and engaging books form the basis of this course. Students will learn to love reading, and to use stories to inspire their own writing. The course also helps students to develop summarising skills, analytical skills, as well as writing skills. Read More

Numeracy and Problem Solving

When studying Mathematics, the majority of students often pursue for a standard set of formulas to solve every problem instantly. This is an unavoidable result from over-emphasis on computations in traditional schooling, which can hardly cultivate students’ motivation in learning Mathematics and their problem solving skills. In fact, Mathematics is… Read More

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