Primary School

Primary school is a time when students grow into independent thinkers. The goal of our teaching at this age is to nurture students’ potential and enable them to succeed on their own.

We provide wide-ranging courses across English, Chinese and Maths. Students can get a skills-focused boost from courses such as Magic Phonics or Chinese Writing, and they can explore a breadth of new ideas with courses like Critical Reading and Writing and General Chinese. Through small-group teaching and a student-centred approach, our teachers can take every child from strength to strength.


Chinese Pinyin

All of our Chinese Pinyin teachers are qualified at 2A level or above in the National Putonghua Proficiency Test and as such can teach children the most standard Mandarin pronunciation, along with practical conversation skills. The design of our Pinyin course is informed by authorised Pinyin textbooks from Mainland China, and is supplemented by extra intensive exercises which specifically help native Cantonese speakers overcome common… Read More

Chinese Writing

In our Chinese writing course, we hope our students can use Chinese to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas easily. We will also help students to improve their  skills in practical writing, such as meeting reports, advertisement, notices and so on. For primary students, from Level 1 to Level 3, we will focus on the observation and the perception of the world. And from Level… Read More

Classical Chinese

We provide the classical Chinese course for the students from P5 to S6. This course starts with those easier-to-understand Ming and Qing novels, and gradually transits to the pre-Qin and Han dynasty literature required by the DSE exam. In this process, students gradually acquire and accumulate knowledge of classical Chinese grammar, build their cultural and literary knowledge. While improving the ability of appreciating… Read More

General Chinese K1-P6

“Love the Chinese Class” aims to cultivate students’ interest in Chinese while improving their proficiency in it. In K stage, the course enhances the vocabulary of students, helps them learn the basic knowledge of Chinese and cultivates their sense of language through a wide variety games and activities. By teaching of character components, we also help children to experience the wonders of Chinese characters and… Read More


Advanced Grammar and Reading

Using grammar contextually is a prerequisite for achieving satisfactory results in exams, yet it is often a great challenge facing many local school students. With a wide variety of fun activities, this course will provide students with a foundation of solid grammar and rigorous reading skills that can then be applied effectively during reading and writing. Course Highlights: Tailor-made Curriculum Systematic Grammar Teaching Effective… Read More

Critical Reading and Writing

Our ten-level Critical Reading and Writing course guides students from K3 to S3, equipping them with life-long skills that extend beyond the classroom. Our experienced teachers and carefully-crafted curriculum help students develop critical thinking skills that enable them to become well-rounded, independent learners. Kindergarten Introducing children to the beginnings of English literature, this course helps students take their first steps on the path… Read More

Love to Read

Develop a reading habit for life! Fun and engaging books form the basis of this course. Students will learn to love reading, and to use stories to inspire their own writing. The course also helps students to develop summarising skills, analytical skills, as well as writing skills.   Book List for Austen Term 2018-19… Read More

Love to Write

Starting from K3, i-Learner’s Love to Write course takes students right the way through primary and secondary school, and develops key writing skills in a wide range of styles. Students will come to enjoy writing in English as they explore all the skills needed to be a confident writer. At lower levels, Love to Write students will transfer their creative thoughts onto the page… Read More

Magic Phonics

Magic Phonics is a quick and fun way to improve students’ ability in reading, spelling and speaking. With a wide variety of fun games and activities that introduce the sounds and spelling patterns of English, students will acquire necessary phonics knowledge, such as blending and segmenting, that they can use while they learn English. This strengthens instinctive pronunciation, better spelling and long-term achievement. Read More

Public Speaking

Our Public Speaking course equips learners with confidence in speaking as well as the intricacies of employing the spoken English language. With a range of activities such as drama, role play, tongue twisters and speaking games, students are guided in the art of public speaking step-by-step. The goal of the course is to help learners develop the ability to give a structured performance both… Read More

Speech Festival Preparation Course

Student Preparation A recent Speech Festival Champion Award-winning speech and drama experts here at i-Learner are available to train speech festival entrants in a wide array of classes. Our years of experience in this field has led to many of our students being awarded honors. We run training courses starting from September each year and going right up to the date of your competition. Consultation… Read More


Competitive Mathematics

Our Competitive Mathematics class is based on the curriculum of MO and many other useful problem solving strategies. We aim to equip students with the ability to master what they have learned from school, to understand the connections between different concepts, and to apply them in unforeseen scenarios. The syllabus also includes questions from famed mathematics competitions and competence tests, as well as renowned… Read More

Numeracy and Problem Solving

When studying Mathematics, the majority of students pursue a standard set of formulas to solve every problem instantly. This is an unavoidable result from over-emphasis on computation in traditional schooling, which can hardly cultivate students’ motivation to learn Mathematics and develop their problem solving skills. In fact, Mathematics does not have to be boring and robotic. Instead, the study of maths can be applied… Read More