Primary School

Primary school is a time when students grow into independent thinkers. The goal of our teaching at this age is to nurture students’ potential and enable them to succeed on their own.

We provide wide-ranging courses across English, Chinese and Maths. Students can get a skills-focused boost from courses such as Magic Phonics or Chinese Writing, and they can explore a breadth of new ideas with courses like Critical Reading and Writing and General Chinese. Through small-group teaching and a student-centred approach, our teachers can take every child from strength to strength.


Classics and Modern Languages

Classical Greek

At our i-Learner Centres, students can now study the foundational language of European culture — Classical Greek! By studying this language, students can not only hone their logic, critical thinking and understanding of English, they can also gain an insight into the many philosophical ideas, political systems and scientific breakthroughs that underpin European civilisation. Moreover, students familiar with Greek myths and heroes will be able… Read More


French is known as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Students who enjoy music, have an ear for languages, and love literature, cinema and debate will love learning français. This is also a good language to choose for any students who are aiming to study abroad. With over 76 million native speakers around the world, French is the primary foreign language in… Read More


German is known to be a complex yet rewarding language. Students who enjoy Maths and logic puzzles will love learning German.  Plus, as it’s closely related to English, students will learn about the roots and cognates of many English words by studying German vocabulary. Our German course equips students with the foundations of German vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. Students learn how to introduce themselves… Read More


Our i-Learner Centre now offers students the opportunity to hone their logic, critical thinking and understanding of English by studying Latin, the language of the Ancient Romans! Although deemed a ‘dead language’, Latin is very much alive in the way in its long-lasting influence on English. Over 60% of words in English are derived from Latin, either directly or through French. This means… Read More


Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages in schools across the world. Students are drawn to the warmth and charm of the language, as well as its accessibility. Many find Spanish easier to learn than other global languages.  As it’s the official language of most Latin American countries, it has 450 million native speakers — making it the second most spoken language in… Read More


Advanced Grammar and Reading

Using grammar contextually is a prerequisite for achieving satisfactory results in exams, yet it is often a great challenge facing many local school students. With a wide variety of fun activities, this course will provide students with a foundation of solid grammar and rigorous reading skills that can then be applied effectively during reading and writing. Course Highlights: Tailor-made Curriculum Systematic Grammar Teaching Effective… Read More

Critical Reading and Writing

Course Description   Our ten-level Critical Reading and Writing course guides students from K3 to S3, equipping them with life-long skills that extend beyond the classroom. Our experienced teachers and carefully-crafted curriculum help students develop critical thinking skills that enable them to become well-rounded, independent learners. Kindergarten Introducing children to the beginnings of English literature, this course helps students take their first steps… Read More

Global Speaking Passport

International speaking course for confidence and fluency. Want to master English pronunciation? Speak using the right words and structure? Express your opinion convincingly? Our online speaking course is taught by top UK tutors and gives students essential tools for speaking confidently and fluently — at home or in a new school abroad. At i-Learner, we want our students to become confident linguists who can express… Read More

Interview Preparation

INTERVIEWS FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL Our primary level interview preparation classes give students the confidence needed for their applications to secondary school. Through practice conversations – both individually and in a group – students will learn how to present the best side of themselves and feel relaxed and self-assured on the day of their interviews. Read More

Love to Read

Develop a reading habit for life and nurturing long-term success. Interesting and engaging books form the basis of this course. Students will discover the pleasures of reading, learn to love reading and use stories to inspire their own writing. The course also helps students to develop and master higher order thinking skills, such as summarising, analysing critical writing. Read More

Love to Write

Unleash creativity, learn to write in various genres and be an author! To teach children how to write and how to express their ideas and emotions is such a joy for both teachers and students. With basic skills in writing, students will learn to express themselves in a rich variety of creative and practical ways. Through various genres and tones we aim to… Read More

Speech Festival Preparation Course

Student Preparation A recent Speech Festival Champion Award-winning speech and drama experts here at i-Learner are available to train speech festival entrants in a wide array of classes. Our years of experience in this field has led to many of our students being awarded honors. We run training courses starting from September each year and going right up to the date of your competition. Please… Read More


Competitive Mathematics

By participating in the Mathematical Olympiad (MO) or World Class Tests, students gain opportunities to nurture their logical thinking capacities through competing with and learning from counterparts all over the world. However, the MO has over the years become notorious for an overwhelming curriculum, demanding significantly accelerated learning and robotic training. That is an over generalisation for competitive mathematics, which requires students to possess a… Read More

Numeracy and Problem Solving

When studying mathematics, the majority of students often pursue a standard set of formulas to instantly solve every problem. This is an unavoidable result from over-emphasis on computations in traditional schooling, which rarely cultivates students’ motivation in learning mathematics and their problem solving skills. Mathematics does not have to be boring or robotic; instead, studying mathematics with a suitable approach enables… Read More