Primary School

Primary school is a time when students grow into independent thinkers. The goal of our teaching at this age is to nurture students’ potential and enable them to succeed on their own.

We provide wide-ranging courses across English, Chinese and Maths. Students can get a skills-focused boost from courses such as Magic Phonics or Chinese Writing, and they can explore a breadth of new ideas with courses like Critical Reading and Writing and General Chinese. Through small-group teaching and a student-centred approach, our teachers can take every child from strength to strength.

Chinese PinYin

由全國普通話水平測試二級甲等以上水準的老師,教授標準的拼音發音和實用會話技巧。課程參考內地權威教材,且針對香港學生的發音難點,補充了大量強化練習。 預期成效 熟練掌握全部拼音規則 以普通話輕鬆閱讀注音讀物 教學方法 以唱誦兒歌、繞口令、拼音字卡的方式,帶領孩子們享受學說普通話的樂趣。… Read More

General Chinese

「愛上語文班」旨在讓學生在提高語文能力的同時,培養對語文的興趣。課程通過部件教學加強學生詞彙量,以遊戲、故事、唱誦等豐富多彩的形式,讓孩子感受中國文字的奇妙之處,愛上中文。課程亦提供字、詞、句、段的針對性練習,幫助孩子鞏固已有的語文知識,並綜合這些語文能力,為寫作提供紮實的基礎。… Read More

Love to Write

Starting from K3, i-Learner’s Love to Write course takes students right the way through primary and secondary school, and develops key writing skills in… Read More