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Charles Britton

Charles Britton

Teaching is a two-way exchange. As I’m teaching children about my language, they’re challenging me to think about communication and expression in new ways. When both student and teacher gain from the educational experience, natural curiosity is fuelled and learning improves exponentially. 

Charles first joined i-Learner as an undergraduate in 2017, taking part in the summer programme that gives Oxbridge undergraduates a taste of Hong Kong life and the education system. He worked with a wide range of students, teaching everything from poetry to the present perfect tense, Shakespeare to similes. He loves all types of culture and media, including books, video games, theatre, and film. This love of culture extends to a fascination with language and even cooking, which makes Hong Kong the perfect place to now call home. He’s also obsessed with tea and hopes to experience every tea Asia has to offer.


  • BA (English Language and Literature) University of Oxford


Video Games for Language Learning

Like books, films, and music, video games are an incredible medium for artistic expression and storytelling, and are therefore great tools to improve your language learning. I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember, playing everything from big Japanese and Western AAA games to indie gems from all over the world. They’re a great way to connect with friends and get… Read More