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Heidi Ma

Heidi Ma

Learning what my students have difficulties with and then trying and learning different ways to help them is a precious journey that I get to share with every child in my class.

Heidi studied a number of English courses during her undergraduate years, which fostered her interest in both English literature and writing. With her prior teaching experience, she brings enthusiasm and novel teaching methods to her English classrooms at i-Learner.


  • BSocSc (Asian and International Studies) The City University of Hong Kong


A Stepping Stone to the Broader Horizon

Children can often be fixated on a single series or story. They genuinely enjoy it and love to talk about it, but they refuse to read a new book, even if it’s similar. Though this can be frustrating to parents and teachers, who want to encourage reading and trying new things, it’s understandable that someone fully immersed in a world they love doesn’t feel enthused… Read More

Jumping from Page to Pen

Have you ever found yourself inspired by a story but too afraid of copying it to write something similar? There are many ways to be inspired by a story without copying it directly. Let’s take a look at a few. Instead of thinking about the whole story, look for specific details that touch you. If you like a certain character, think about what they experience… Read More

Developing Ideas from Spark to Story

As someone who loves reading and writing stories, I often find myself inspired by an amazing idea. Sometimes, it’s a vivid scene in my head, or an amazing back-story for a character. I love to think about these and develop the thought into a full story spark! Yet, no matter how clear the idea, developing it into a story is a completely different challenge.  I’ve… Read More