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Naomi Gonzales

Naomi Gonzales

I teach because I want to guide students as they become life-long learners and achieve their dreams. I believe that all children develop differently. They make progress at different speeds, at different times and in different ways. It is a teacher’s role to nurture and guide them in their learning; encourage and develop their confidence to have a go and celebrate with them when they achieve their targets. Each student has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. As a teacher, I have the privilege of impacting students’ lives in a positive way.

Naomi is an inspiring and dynamic Primary school teacher with experience in teaching children of all ages. She is experienced both in classroom teaching as well as in teaching small groups and individuals online. She has taught in the Philippines for 6 years, gaining valuable skills in teaching English as a second language. She teaches all primary subjects. Naomi has skills in content development and has helped to create interactive primary curriculum resources.


  • BA(Ed) (Primary education, specialising in Music and Early Years) University of Reading