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Class Arrangements for May, June and July and Summer Course Schedule

22nd April, 2014

Dear Parents,

Summer is coming again! It is time for us to plan our exam practice, post-exam activities and summer programmes! Here are the schedules from i-Learner:

1. Exam Practice: 12th May – 15th June

From 12th May to 15th June, all the classes, except Pre-school classes and Cambridge or Trinity classes, will include exam preparation in the lessons. If you would like your students to continue with their existing classes, please let us know so that we can make special arrangements. Students can enroll in extra exam practice sessions during this period.

2. Post-exam Short Courses: 16th June – 13th July

From 16th June to 13th July, regular classes will be resumed. More short courses, such as learning Japanese in English, Drama, and Bookmaking, will be added to the timetable. Immersive day camps will also be arranged. Please visit our website at www.i-learner.edu.hk to download the timetable, or give us a call on 3113 8815 for more information. The early bird discount ends on 22nd May, 2014.

Download Post-exam Short Courses

3. Summer Programmes: 14th July – 24th August

Finally, it is time for us to choose the right summer courses for our students! Please visit our website at www.i-learner.edu.hk again to download the summer schedule. This summer, we will also be conducting immersive day/week camps. A teacher from England and I will help this group of students to enjoy a whole day/ week of exciting activities!

Download Summer Programme

Thank you for your continuous support and let us work together for better education results of our students. Feel free to give us a call on 3113-8815 should you have any enquiries or feedback.


Kind regards,


Kemmiss Pun