Critical Reading and Writing Course to Oxford and Cambridge University

閱讀中文版Critical Reading and Writing Course:為進入世界一流學府做好準備

Students from DGJS and other top schools have been taught at the i-learner tutorial centre for several years, making us very aware of the particular highlevel skills that these students are capable of learning. The course is designed to stretch their critical and creative skills. It also encourages them to formulate their own point of view, and understand the views of others. These skills are essential for higher-level critical responses to English. The format of this new course is based on the Oxbridge tutorial model, with texts often being used as the basis of a critical discussion. Some of the books used are taken from the DGJS reading lists, and these are supplemented by more challenging texts. Students are required to formulate their own responses to the ideas in the text. It is these sorts of thinking skills that are required for entry to, and success at, top universities.

The course is designed to develop along a theme throughout each year. The course builds up from P1 right through to S2 level. Through this course, students will learn full mastery of the English language, and will be able to apply it in complex and demanding contexts. The exercises used within lessons and end-of-term tests are based on the DGJS model. It should also be noted that many of the skills introduced at the lower levels are those which are needed to perform well on the HKDSE exams. There is also a focus at the higher levels on the skills needed to take the i-GCSE in English Literature and Language.


Curriculum Development Team

This course has been designed and written by Anna Coyle and Willow Hewitt, who both graduated from the University of Cambridge. Anna Coyle also brings her expertise from working within the Cambridge University admissions system, which she uses to ensure that students are being prepared with the right skills for entry to top-level universities. Oversight of the course is provided by Kemmiss Pun, an educator with a wealth of experience in the Hong Kong school and tutorial systems.


Student Feedback

One of the first students to take this course, Ingrid Wong (P3), has made very strong advances in her understanding of complex texts. Not only has she improved as a reader, so that she can provide responses to GCSE-level texts, but she has improved the structure of her writing and has been awarded the i-learner term
poetry prize.
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