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I’m Going on a Trip!

As a teacher I am constantly being impressed by the imagination of some of our students. Ian Ma is one of those students. He takes one of my Love to Write classes and always surprises me with the ideas he comes up with. This week he was given the task of writing about a car trip and as usual he turned it into something special. Keep reading for some unexpected surprises.

I am going on a trip to visit a farm. It was raining heavily and there was a very big snowstorm. It was raining candy and chocolate bars. We were riding our sports car when somebody was shocked by lightning.

We went past a school and saw another car. “Watch it!” yelled the driver. I saw some children inside the window eating hamburgers. I felt hungry, so I took out a hundred burgers and threw fifty-one of them out the window. We went between two trees and entered a gloomy and dark forest.

My dad had fallen out the car’s window, because he was asleep, so we rescued my dad and drove off. We went up a giant hill, and we stopped, and zoomed back down that big hill, and we even ran out of gas.

So we drove underwater and drove on a long, long, highway. we drove past Kadoorie farm and saw a lot of cows, I counted them. A hundred cows!! Oh my, wow, that’s a lot of cattle!!! Then there were two farms so my car split in two. The car stuck back together when we were at the farm. We got off the car and saw sheep, lambs and goats.

Then to McDonald’s to eat with Mr. MacDonald and Moses. Ha ha ha!!

I'm Going on a Trip by Ian Ma