Writing the beginning of a story

Writing the beginning of the story is often the hardest part of the journey. This P2 student of mine, Joanna Tam, did an outstanding job in foreshadowing what is going to happen in her story. She showed skillful control of the uncovering of the plot, creating suspense without laying all the facts in plain sight.

One sunny day, Amy woke up nervously because she had forgotten to do her homework yesterday. She knew her teacher, Ms Chan, would be very angry with her. Amy decided she couldn’t face the day because she wouldn’t have her recess. So she decided to pretend to have a headache. She rubbed her head and lied to her mum. She didn’t know that today was going to be a very special day at school! She wouldn’t have told this terrible lie if she had known what a great day that her classmates were going to have. Amy was going to be bored all day pretending to be sick!

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