Teacher Diaries: Ms. Nicola – Teaching Philosophy

My interest in education started when I moved from a public school to boarding school. The difference was stark, and in my new school I received an amazing education from passionate teachers who were not just interested in my grades but who were also keen to help me become a well-rounded individual. Since then, I have been fascinated by how students learn and how we can change attitudes in the classroom. For me this involves not only using various mediums in teaching such as song and video but also trying to create lessons that are relatable and enjoyable for children. My strongest students are the ones who love English and would read or watch films in English for fun.

In my lessons I try to ensure that my students are not passively taught but that they instead engage with the task at hand and help each other to learn. I always encourage my students to question me if they think they have a better answer, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by what I hear!

I try to use humour in my classroom to create a fun and safe environment where students can make mistakes. My own experience of language learning has taught me that progress is never made without pushing at the boundaries of what you can already do. You will get some things wrong, especially in the beginning, and this is good! I try to show my students that making mistakes are part of the process; they are proof that we are learning.

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