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Little Scholars Summer Camps Well Underway

IMG_0381Our popular Little Scholars Summer Camps have started already and are currently being enjoyed by many young students. Check out the photo galleries for more information on the exciting activities they’ve been getting up to.

Our Little Scholars are encouraged to take part in interactive activities with the teacher and other students, such as performing plays. This allows them to develop critical skills such as public speaking.

In the process they also absorb new words into their vocabulary, which are contained in the playscript. In the photos displayed, our “Baby Dreamcatchers”, aged six to seven years old, are performing a play about the planets and the Sun, who is played by the teacher.

The morale of the story is that respect from others first comes from valuing and loving yourself, in spite of any perceived imperfections. We hope this provides a valuable confidence boost for the Little Scholars as they encounter the challenges that the future holds!

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