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Expanding your imagination

Teaching writing is fun especially when the students are continually surprising you with their imagination and creativity. It is always an adventure to explore a new topic and new world through the art of writing.

The story below is written by a P2 student from my Love to Write class. We used a writing prompt showing a picture of a man taking off a tree suit. The student wrote a few questions he had about the picture and the man and used that to create a story with Tom and his tree suit. This student has many great ideas and has been experimenting with new vocabulary and grammar throughout this summer term. He has seen pr0gress and tried to expand his writing by considering the story from different perspectives. That writing class has been challenging themselves by thinking outside the box and expanding their imagination. Their hard work has shone through their writing and had inspired some of them to keep writing on their own!

new doc 1_bosco chen tree suit