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Student Work

Writing with Symbolism

This term, our Critical Reading and Writing Level 3 classes have been exploring the use of figurative language in English writing – primarily similes, metaphors, symbolism, personification and imagery. One particularly noteworthy student named Hillary produced this excellent piece of writing, which blends together interesting metaphors, symbols and foreshadowing.

In the lesson, we had focused closely on how to understand important elements in writing as symbols, rather than simply reading texts literally and only grasping the words’ face-value meaning. We did this by completing exercises to link together tangible objects with intangible concepts, consider how weather ‘sets the mood’ for a piece of writing, and address how other parts of writing can have symbolic meaning. Hillary draws a fantastic parallel between the ‘lightning’ and Amy’s parents, to symbolise Amy’s anxiety as she walks home expecting a confrontation with her parents.

This kind of work is a perfect example of what we hope to achieve in the Critical Reading and Writing course – that by reading texts with a heightened awareness of these techniques, students can aim to reproduce these techniques in their own work.

Well done Hillary!