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Creative Writing with a Narrative Voice

The piece of work I would like to display here was completed by a P6 student called Chloe, who takes the i-Learner Critical Reading and Writing Level 6 course. She produced this piece of work as a homework assignment, and it demonstrates a fantastic grasp of how to write with an interesting narrative voice that adds to the effect of the story.

Chloe has written a story with interesting plot twists and turns, but one of the most unique things about her writing, in my eyes, is how she occasionally takes steps back from directly describing events / dialogue, and gives the narrator his/her own voice. She makes certain comments about characters and plot events, which lets readers feel more closely how characters think and behave within the story.

One of the strengths of the Critical Reading and Writing courses at i-Learner is that students become comfortable with different kinds of texts, understanding how different writing styles create different impressions in the minds of the readers. Chloe has shown in her writing that she can adapt her writing style very comfortably, in order to give readers the impression of the story and characters that she wants to put across.

Well done, Chloe!