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Teacher Diaries – Ms. Brenda – Non-Fiction

Tuesday with Morrie is a memoir about the final lessons the author has with favourite former professor, Morrie Schwartz; a man that was dying. The subject of the lessons was the ‘Meaning of Life’. This is one of the stories which made me cry, not just once, but a few times , and whenever I revisited its different adaptations; including movie and drama.

When I first read this book, I was still a student, concerned about what I could get from my professors. A couple of years ago, one of my old professors passed away. We were not as close as Mitch and Morrie but he was the only professor who lifted me up into the air and I even gave him a koala hug before he went back to his home country; the UK. Not only that, he inspired me to think out of a box when I plan for classes. I then read this book again as both a student and a teacher and this time thought instead about what to give.

I strongly recommend this book to those who are struggling with the meaning of life. Everyone’s clock starts ticking when we are born. Not many of us can extend the length of our life but all of us can put some meaning into ours and the lives of others. To extend this idea, if you agree with “learning is from life experiences”, then you realize that ‘professors’ are not necessarily restricted to the classroom. Some of them may be giving you a hard time at the moment, but you might thank them someday. Say hi to your “professors” – they’re all around you.