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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Grace – Teaching Philosophy

Having been raised overseas in a native English-speaking country but also having returned to Hong Kong for my senior secondary and university education, I have come to truly understand the learning difficulties of local students in learning English. I believe that it is vitally important for students to enjoy learning in order to effectively motivate them to strive for excellence. To achieve this, is it essential to make students aware that language is in fact all around us in our daily lives, and by just paying a little extra attention to the environment around us, learning English can in fact be very fun and easy. Once our students actively immerse themselves in the world of English, they become confident in using the language.

Keeping this in mind, I try my best to include fun and interactive activities in my lessons, so that students may ultimately forget that they are ‘learning’ English, but instead they are actually ‘using’ English to communicate. This way, they would not nod off listening to plain theory or worry about getting things wrong.