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Teacher Diaries: Mr. Alvin – Love Speaking

Speaking is supposed to be a wonderful joy as it is a means for us to share lives with one another. Basically, speaking is a natural instinct. We speak to share our emotions and experiences. However, why is speaking almost a torture to some of us?

I was not born to be a chatty person. I learnt to utter “mom” and “dad” only when I was almost three. Therefore, I see where you are coming from if you are not the type of person who enjoys expressing yourself verbally. Communication can sometimes be stressful too when you are expected to give the right response on the spot, while you are still digesting what you have just listened and deciding how to respond.

How to relieve such anxiety? First of all, no one expects you to have a perfect response for everything. It is completely alright if you have made a slip in your answer. You can always self-correct what you have said. Besides, the silly slips can sometimes be humorous: a chuckle for all does not do any harm!

Also, you can delay your response in communication simply by asking whom you are listening to to repeat what he or she has said or to clarify certain parts that you are not sure. A helpful phrase I always use is “when you said… do you mean…?”. It helps to clarify and sustain the conversation.

After all, speaking is a means for us to share our lives. Just enjoy the moment when you are connecting to people whom you care and love!