i‑Learner Education Centre


Celebrating Speech Festival Success!

Our theme at i-Learner this term has been all about speaking. It is our belief that students who speak with confidence and who are willing to express their ideas verbally have the strongest foundations to becoming excellent English speakers as they grow up. Accordingly, this term teachers have been bringing plenty of speaking activities to the classrooms, energising students and getting everyone’s mouths moving.


As a result of this effort, we are pleased to share the success of students in this year’s Speech Festival. Many students attended sessions at i-Learner to boost their speaking skills in preparation for their competition. All their hard work paid off, as we were very impressed with the amount of i-Learner students who placed in first, second and third positions across the competition. Well done to all students!


i-Learner teachers will be continuing to develop students’ speaking skills over the coming year, including by preparing special workshops to give students more confidence in speaking English at all levels. Watch this space for more exciting, speaking-related news!