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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Holly – Celebration

Celebration: Should we celebrate small victories of children?


There are varied opinions on whether we should celebrate small victories of children. While some people believe it would lead to overconfidence in children, I find it a good motivator to children and here are the reasons:



  • It would ease the stress experienced by children.


I guess we can all agree that children are not as carefree as they were years back then. It seems that they are shouldering so much expectation from all areas and it would be a confidence boost if they are able to know they are doing something right by having their small victories acknowledged.



  • Setting milestones helps children achieve more.



If a child only has long-term goals that are difficult to achieve, it would only lead to frustration and disappointment. Setting small objectives and celebrating them would guide them to have the courage to deal with bigger and more challenging goals.


It is time to acknowledge the fact that not only big goals count and celebrate small wins. Appreciation is, in fact, the key to success!