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Teacher Diaries: Mr. Adam – Celebration

What do we imagine when we think of celebrating student success? Trophies, awards, and big smiles?
How often do we imagine celebrating more than just being first?

Student success comes in all shapes and sizes. Success at school is often viewed as needing to be a string of big achievements such as being the top of the class or placing first in competitions. While of course, achieving these kinds of impressive results can be a great boost to a student’s confidence, it is always important to retain in mind that there is more to the definition of success than the most obvious and visible forms that we frequently celebrate.

Yes, there is the student who comes first in a competition. But there are also the students who have just finished reading their first book, who have just put a proud final full stop at the end of a story they were writing, or who simply come to class with a smile and a positive attitude to learning. It is all too easy to overlook the value of these less perceptible successes. Showing students that we also celebrate their everyday achievements develops their confidence and motivates them to stay committed to their studies.

It is my belief that good, life-long learning habits are built precisely upon the appreciation and celebration of the small, oft-forgotten steps that are taken along the way.