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Teacher Diaries: Mr. MacDonald – Celebration

When thinking of what I would write in this diary entry I began to ponder why people celebrate at all? Celebrations come in many different forms: from birthdays to Chinese New Year and Christmas; from success at work to sports days; and from music festivals to sports team victories – often even if those celebrating weren’t directly involved in the work towards the victory in the first place. Often celebration comes at an increased cost both in terms of money for food/decorations and time which could be otherwise spent continuing productive work. So what is it that ensures there’s always another celebration to look forward to?

I think the anticipation of the celebration can be as important as the celebration itself. People eagerly buy presents for their friends and family in the run up to Christmas in the hope of seeing faces lit up by joy and excitement. The thought of a celebratory party at the end of a hard year perks people up. Indeed, a tantalising reward will motivate people to work harder if their company meets its annual goals or for the quarter.

As for sports teams and music festivals these are celebrations of a shared identity, some collective reason to meet with fellow minded people. A celebration wouldn’t be a celebration with only one person. Celebrations are a great way for people to relax, to socialise and motivate themselves.