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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Holly – Creativity

Our theme this term is “Creativity”. It pains me when parents come to me and ask me if their children are being “too creative”. It shows two things: 1. Being creative has bad connotations. 2. People are mixing up the idea of “creative” and that of “ludicrous”.

What people do not understand is that creativity is essential for any stage of language learning. In fact, creativity is not only limited to domains such as fashion design and literature. By definition, creativity refers to the ability to generate original and unusual ideas. It is also linked to other essential skills for language learning such as multi-perspective thinking. As a matter of fact, all of my brightest students here are also the most creative ones.

Of course, in return, through the process of language learning, creativity, which is also applicable to other aspects and subjects, can also be boosted. Through the student-centred, communicative approach of learning English, students would have to have certain level of imagination to effectively use a language in an authentic manner.

What can you, as a student, do to make yourself more creative though? Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Read a lot of books: I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but reading a lot of books would allow you to think in many different perspectives and thus generate your own angle of looking at an issue.

  2. Discuss matters with your peers: You talk to your friends from time to time, but do you really discuss things that matter? Instead of talking about strategies on your latest smartphone game, how about start discussing why that game would be such a success among people of your age?

  3. Dare to be different: You may be scared of being called weird, but it is essential for everyone to build their unique identity. Embrace your uniqueness.

Everyone has their original ideas, but whether you can retrieve and express them depends on what you do to trigger it. I hope you have an enjoyable term full of creativity and fun.