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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Jaye – Creativity

Recently I have read a post on students’ creative answers to teachers’ questions. They are really brilliant and I have quoted some of them as below. Enjoy!

  1. History: What ended in 1896?
    Expected answer: First Italo-Ethiopian War
    Student’s answer: 1895
  2. Science: What is the strongest force on earth?
    Expected answer: Nuclear force
    Student’s answer: Love
  3. Science: The first cells on earth were probably….
    Expected answer: Anaerobic (not needing oxygen)
    Student’s answer: Lonely
  4. Mathematics: Expand (a+b)2
    Expected answer: a2 + 2ab + b2
    Student’s answer: (a+b)2
    = ( a + b )2
    = (   a   +   b   )2
    = (     a     +     b     )2