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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Dorothy – Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the quickest and easiest way for students to master the English language is to be genuinely interested in it. Therefore, I hope to foster a passion for the English language in each student. By making classes more fun by incorporating games and mixing up ways of teaching, I hope that students will enjoy learning in an English environment and be determined to do well.

Every child is unique and there is no way the same teaching method can be applied on every student in the same way. There are diverse learners in every class. I strive to be sensitive and understanding to each student’s unique needs and stimulants.

Creating a stress-free environment for students to freely express their opinions is of utmost importance to me. There are a lot of occasions where students have thoughts or questions, but they keep them to themselves in fear of ridicule or retribution for a wrong answer. I would like to eliminate the stress for my students and be as encouraging as possible. Being willing to try is the first step towards success.