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Changing Secondary Schools

While many parents can be hesitant to uproot children from their existing school, sometimes change is necessary to find the best fit.

When considering whether to change school, parents and students should think about the following factors carefully:

  1. Are the school’s vision and curriculum in-line with the family’s education beliefs?
  2. Are the school environment and its facilities able to cater to the learning needs of the student?
  3. Does the school offer extra-curricular activities that allow the student to further pursue his or her area of interest?
  4. What is the student’s preference? Are there valid reasons to justify his or her desire to stay or transfer?

After making the decision to change schools, the next step is to understand the application process:

  1. Do ample research to find the most suitable school. You can find a comprehensive list of secondary school profiles here and visit school websites for more information. You can also approach the Regional Education Office for further assistance.
  2. Apply to your preferred school(s). Access their website or contact the school directly for the admission procedure; the process differs from school to school. Some schools accept candidates on a rolling basis while others have a fixed deadline. Study the application guidelines carefully before applying. Include a recommendation letter from your principal for extra leverage.
  3. Prepare for the entrance examination and interview. The written exam usually covers Chinese, English and Mathematics. Students are encouraged to strengthen these subjects and study ahead to prepare for the written exam. The interview can be prepared for but shouldn’t be overly rehearsed. This part of the application seeks to understand students on an individual level, including their personality, social skills, and learning attitude, to determine if they can integrate into the new school smoothly.
  4. Write a formal letter to notify the existing school about the withdrawal upon successful transfer.


No matter the final decision, parents should involve their child in the decision-making process This is an invaluable chance to teach them to be responsible for their own education and become more proactive learners.