i‑Learner Education Centre

Who We Are

The i-Learner Difference

Environment 環境

  • A place where students can be themselves and are stimulated and motivated to learn.
  • A place where students can display what they have learnt and be proud of themselves.
  • A place where students can communicate freely and intelligently with their peers and teachers.
  • 孩子可以很率性但又很自動自覺學習的地方。
  • 充滿開心和學習的元素的課室。
  • 可以展示自己學習成果,並和同學和老師交流的地方。

Flexible and Interesting Curriculum 有效而又有趣的課程

  • Our curriculum is tailored for the needs of the students and designed to stimulate their interest in learning.
  • 每堂課都有令學生開心的內容、可以展示自己能力的成果。
  • 細心設計的評語和建議,引導學生建立正面的學習態度。

Family Support 父母的支持

  • i-Learner teachers love to communicate with parents after lessons. Extra work is provided for students who need special attention. Termly reports are sent to parents and parents are very welcome to pass us their feedback.
  • -Learner 相信和家長溝通的重要性。我們的老師都樂意和家長交流家長的期望、孩子的需要和進度。每個學期,家長會收到老師為每個孩子寫的報告和分析。

Small Group Teaching 小組教學、因材施教

  • Class Size 4-6.
  • Each student receives individual attention and feedback from their teacher.
  • 4-6人小組教學。
  • 每個學生都受到重視、都得到鼓勵和讚賞,每點進步被會獲得注意。
  • 針對每個學生不同的需要而設計的學習內容。
  • 找到每個學生的長處和優點,發掘和拓展學生的學習需要、對知識的興趣。

Enthusiastic Teachers 專業又有熱誠的老師

  • Our teachers are not just highly knowledgable of their chosen subjects, they are also enthusiastic about the personal development of the students and they understand the balance required between exam performance and the nurture of key skills like creativity, imagination, reading and writing.
  • 好的老師是好的教學的最重要因素。我們的老師不但對自己任教的科目有深厚的知識,更用心關心孩子的個人成長。他們都善於幫助孩子一方面在考試取得優異成績,另一方面鍛鍊好創意、想像力、閱讀和寫作等核心能力。