i‑Learner Education Centre

Who We Are

Our Approach

i-Learner Learning Ecosystem


  • A place where students can be themselves and are stimulated and motivated to learn.
  • A place where students can display what they have learnt and be proud of themselves.
  • A place where students can communicate freely and intelligently with their peers and teachers.

Flexible and Interesting Curriculum

  • Our curriculum is tailored for the needs of the students and designed to stimulate their interest in learning.

Small Group Teaching

  • Class Size 4-6.
  • Each student receives individual attention and feedback from their teacher .

Enthusiastic Teachers

  • Our teachers are not just highly knowledgeable in their chosen subjects, they are also enthusiastic about the personal development of the students. They understand the balance required between exam performance and the nurture of key skills like creativity, imagination, reading and writing.

Family Support

  • i-Learner teachers love to communicate with parents after lessons. Extra work is provided for students who need special attention. Termly reports are sent to parents and parents are very welcome to pass us their feedback.