i-Learner Education Centre

Chinese Pinyin

Course Description

All of our Chinese Pinyin teachers are qualified at 2A level or above in the National Putonghua Proficiency Test and as such can teach children the most standard Mandarin pronunciation, along with practical conversation skills. The design of our Pinyin course is informed by authorised Pinyin textbooks from Mainland China, and is supplemented by extra intensive exercises which specifically help native Cantonese speakers overcome common pronunciation difficulties.

K stage

For Kindergarten students, we will use a range of nursery rhymes, tongue-twisters and card games, to help them enjoy speaking Mandarin. Students who take this course will be able to:

  • Have a strong command of all the phonics rules
  • Read pinyin-annotated books with ease
  • Obtain a KPCC test certificate through i-Learner

P stage

In this stage, we will help our students remember the phonics rules and read the books with Pinyin as soon as possible. In addition to providing supports for the students who are learning in a PMI school, we also hope our students can improve their self-learning abilities through this course.

S stage

For secondary students, our course is based on the <Implementation Outline for Putonghua Proficiency Test> and provides some targeted practices for Cantonese speakers, to help them speak Mandarin fluently and accurately. We believe that it will be useful in their future life.


Course Tuition

See our tuition page for details