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Discovery (International Stream: IB, GCE, SAT)

Course Description

Our Discovery courses make for an advanced programme catering to the needs and demands of ambitious S4-6 students at a key stage of their development.

Discovery builds on our Voyage courses and gives learners a strong foundation that will give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed at IGCSEs, IB, A Levels, DSE and university admissions.

Our Discovery courses include DSE Foundation, DSE Distinction and International Stream: IB, GCE, SAT.


Core Skills 

As with our Voyage programme, students take a Core Skills course in the first term before choosing a stream for specialisation in the second and third terms. During the Core Skills course students consolidate their critical thinking, communication skills and global knowledge in preparation for tackling more complex materials in examinations and university admissions. At this stage, students will work on their finessing their writing skills and consolidating their knowledge of grammar and rhetoric, while also reading advanced materials on seminal texts, including important writers and historical movements.


In the second and third terms, students choose between three different specialisations: the International Stream, DSE Distinction or the DSE Foundation. Students work towards their individual targets and focus on the skills needed to excel in their chosen examinations.

Students in the DSE streams will focus primarily on the key skills needed to succeed in local examinations. Tasks are focused on exam techniques, directed writing, social issues, multimedia comprehension, grammar review and literary analysis in line with the requirements of the Hong Kong DSE. We offer both DSE Distinction or DSE Foundation to ensure students of all abilities and expectations can reach their goals.

For information on the other streams, visit the course page:

DSE Foundation

DSE Distinction


By joining our Discovery courses, each and every student will ensure he or she achieve his or her full potential, meet international standards, and become model representatives of a profoundly global education.