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General Chinese K1-P6

Course Description

“Love the Chinese Class” aims to cultivate students’ interest in Chinese while improving their proficiency in it.

In K stage, the course enhances the vocabulary of students, helps them learn the basic knowledge of Chinese and cultivates their sense of language through a wide variety games and activities. By teaching of character components, we also help children to experience the wonders of Chinese characters and fall in love with Chinese.

In P stage, we will use picture books, stories and young adult novels to improve students’ reading skills and interests. The course also provides targeted exercises on vocabulary, sentence structure and paragraphing to help children consolidate language knowledge and integrate their language skills in their writing and verbal presentation. From Level 4, we add some ancient works to help our students get familiar with classical Chinese and be well prepared for future learning.

Course Tuition

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Rosita Yip (P1)