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Little Scholars



Marcus was talking to me in English non-stop one Saturday morning with a clear accent and great vocabulary. Then I realised he had just finished his Little Scholars camp! I decided to ask him more about the camps.

1. Did you enjoy Little Scholars?

Yes of course! I especially loved playing Scrabble and reading George’s Marvellous Medicine! George’s grandma is really wicked and mean!

2. What was the most interesting thing you did at the camp?

We went to Kowloon Park to see the flamingos and the Resource Centre to see the goldfish and plants. We collected some leaves, flowers and stones and looked at them under a microscope! It was fun to see them magnified and all the different colours!

Before the presentation, we baked some chocolate cookies! They were very tasty! I still remember the recipe for them! We even had pizza after that!

3. What have you learnt from Little Scholars?

I learnt how to play Duck, Duck, Goose. It was fun! We watched a short clip about the universe, and I made a presentation on what it would be like to live on Mars. It was my time first giving a presentation in front of other children. It was so different from having an interview with the principal or teachers! My teachers corrected some of my grammatical mistakes while I was talking. They also taught me how to structure my presentation.

4. Do you have anything you’d like to say to your teachers?

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to them! When I meet them again, I will tell them in person!

Marcus Chau
Marcus Chau