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Ginya Marr

Ginya Marr

I believe the process can be as significant as the results, and I strive to centre curiosity in my teaching. It is important to me that those I work with grow not only as students but also as humans, developing personal confidence and an awareness of their strengths, interests, and goals.

Virginia (Ginya) Marr has degrees across the humanities and social sciences and a genuine love of learning and teaching. Her scholarship focuses on narratives of identity and connecting across differences, and she hopes to spend her life working to create spaces in which people feel like they belong. In her free time, she enjoys practising yoga, drawing, travelling, and spending time with loved ones.


  • MSc (Comparative and International Education) University of Oxford
  • MSc (Refugee and Forced Migration Studies) University of Oxford
  • BA (Comparative Literature (Spanish) and Studio Art) Williams College