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Liliana Worth

Liliana Worth

At the heart of my lessons is a drive to stimulate intellectual curiosity in my students. With this spark, learning not only becomes easy, but it’s also fun. Moreover, a good education should leave students with a fondness for intellectual challenges, a willingness to make and learn from mistakes, and the ability to think for themselves. I particularly believe in the importance of learning foreign languages, as these empower students to communicate across differences, discover new ways of thinking, and gain cultural intelligence.

Liliana undertook her academic training at the University of Oxford where she took a first-class BA in Classics and French, an MSt in Medieval Studies with distinction, and a DPhil in English Literature. Alongside her research, Liliana sat on her college’s admission panel for three years where she interviewed prospective Oxford candidates. Her strong commitment to academic excellence means she is motivated to push her students to perform at their best while developing a real love of learning. Her experience also means she knows exactly where students need to improve if they want to reach top grades and enjoys supporting motivated students to achieve their goals.
Outside the classroom, Liliana enjoys research, translation and adding to her linguistic knowledge. Fluent in six languages, her translations of Mandarin and French texts have been published in China, the UK and US. She is currently learning Russian and Hebrew.


  • BA (Classics and French) University of Oxford
  • MSt (Medieval Studies) University of Oxford
  • DPhil in English Literature University of Oxford


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