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Willow Hewitt

Willow Hewitt


A student can learn anything they’re passionate about. I work hard to find the best way to make my students interested in what they’re learning. No matter the topic, whether it’s grammar, poetry or letter writing, there’s always a way to make it exciting for each individual.

Willow Hewitt has degrees in both the arts and sciences, and enjoys working with young people who are keen students in both of these fields. She writes a regular column in the Education section of Playtimes, Hong Kong’s leading English medium parenting magazine. In her spare time, Willow continues to dedicate herself to writing and is currently working on a series of mystery novels set in the Peak District in the north of England.


  • 劍橋大學文學士(自然科學)
  • 曼徹斯特大學文學碩士(創意寫作)



即使在家,我們的學生亦表現出很好的學習能力。即使在這段困難時期,他們也能專心上課,認真完成作業,並孜孜不倦地汲取許多知識。… 看更多


智愛老師都愛閱讀。每一本書都可以帶給我們很多的樂趣,也可以帶我們認識新詞語,新的世界,在新的一年, 智愛老師們為所有年齡段的… 看更多