i-Learner Austen Term Newsletter 2018 2018-05-16

We are pleased to announce that i-Learner’s Austen Term Newsletter has been published! This term’s edition is packed full of useful information and exciting news, such as: Courses to help you pack your summer with fun and learning Our teachers’ book recommendations for you to discov … Read More

i-Learner Summer School 2018 2018-04-30

We’re gearing up for summer here at i-Learner. We have released details of our special experiential summer courses, our week long action packed summer camps and timetables for our regular classes during summer. Click below for more details in the brochures. Summer Booklet The … Read More

How to get your child writing 2018-04-24

As parents and educators, we’ve seen it hundreds of times: the student who struggles with their writing. Despite writing so often being the source of frustration for students, there are a few simple but effective tips that both teachers and parents can put into action to help stimulate children … Read More

Teacher Diaries

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Willow – Discovery 2018-06-20

Summer is a great chance for children to discover a new passion. Once their classes are over, their time is freed up to explore something engaging and exciting. When I think back to my summer holidays as a child, I’m sure I wasted hours of my life watching TV and … Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Katie – Discovery 2018-06-13

Humans have made all types of discoveries, from continents to electricity. We are on a continuous journey of discovery, which is what makes our lifelong learning journey so exciting. When we are young, we discover how to walk and how to talk; how to feed ourselves, and how to read … Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Alison – Creativity 2018-05-29

I have recently had some students being very obsessed with shaping slime. Not knowing the difference between playdough and slime, I searched online and found out hundreds of videos online hyping up this slime craze. So, what exactly is slime? It can be defined as ‘a gloopy variation of playdough, … Read More

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