Chinese New Year Parties and Workshops 2018-01-31

農曆新年快到了,為讓同學們歡度新春佳節,本中心將於2月8日至2月15日期間舉行新春中文聯歡派對,除了以毛筆書寫揮春外,更會即場製作湯圓,使同學對新年傳統習俗有更深的體驗。 同時,本中心在新年假期期間,將籌辦一系列不同主題的新年工作坊,透過生動及實用的課程,讓大家一起寓學於樂。 派對及工作坊現已開放報名,詳情可參閱以下海報。名額有限,先到先得。快相約朋友前來,一起共度新春吧! 報名方式: 1) 電話:3113 8815(尖沙咀)/ 36118400 (灣仔) 2) Whatsapp:9049 3014(尖沙咀)/ 6468 8366 (灣仔) 3) 親臨中心報名 新年工作坊海報2018 新年派對海 … Read More

Celebrating Speech Festival Success! 2017-12-14

Our theme at i-Learner this term has been all about speaking. It is our belief that students who speak with confidence and who are willing to express their ideas verbally have the strongest foundations to becoming excellent English speakers as they grow up. Accordingly, this term teachers have been b … Read More

i-Learner Christmas Workshops 2017-12-13

We are pleased to announce this year’s festive Christmas short courses! Running from 27th December to 5th January, these 2-hour sessions provide a great chance for your child to explore their subjects in novel ways, and to celebrate Christmas at the same time. This year students can enjoy … Read More

Teacher Diaries

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Alison – Celebration 2018-02-21

Did you all have a good time celebrating the fantastic Chinese New Year? To the majority of the working population nowadays, the origin of the CNY is probably one of the most obscure traditions about the Chinese culture and the utmost importance of the CNY should be that they have … Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Jaye – Celebration 2018-02-14

When do you celebrate? After getting a high mark in an exam? Or winning a prize in a competition? At a festival? On your birthday? Most people celebrate when something good happens in their life. However, have you ever celebrated something unpleasant, or celebrated even when nothing special happened? … Read More

Teacher Diaries: Mr. MacDonald – Celebration 2018-02-07

When thinking of what I would write in this diary entry I began to ponder why people celebrate at all? Celebrations come in many different forms: from birthdays to Chinese New Year and Christmas; from success at work to sports days; and from music festivals to sports team victories – … Read More

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