Archive: Oct 2018

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Ivy – Teaching Philosophy

Language is organic and requires an environment where the importance of exchange is positively reinforced. It is continually changing and an attitude that is open to change with a critical mind is fundamental. Students are not completely a blank canvas. They each carry with them the building blocks and a foundation, which are brimming with potential. In order for students to grow into confident learners,… Read More

Speech Festival Success

Every year, I’m excited to see the poems, prose extracts and drama pieces which are chosen for the Hong Kong Speech Festival. The texts are always full of interesting feelings, which are a lot of fun for students to experience as they read. I have been training students for the Speech Festival for many years now, and I’m always so happy to see my students… Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Angel – Teaching Philosophy

As an avid reader, I believe that the best way to learn English is through books. I always encourage my students to fall in love with the language by reading extensively. At the same time, I see grammar accuracy and examination techniques as highly critical to academic success. Therefore, I often combine grammar practice and creative writing in my classes to create an all-rounded learning… Read More

i-Learner Stevenson Term Newsletter 2018

We are pleased to announce that i-Learner’s Stevenson Term Newsletter has been published! This term we have some fantastic interviews from our Oxford and Cambridge Summer Tutors, who share all the best tips for getting into the world’s elite universities. This edition’s features include: How to get into a top university A behind the scenes look at studying Law at Oxford University with a current… Read More