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Why Study in the UK?

The UK has long been a popular destination for Hong Kong students. However, in the past, only those who could afford independent-school fees were able to attend. With the recent changes in BN(O) regulations, many more people are considering education in the UK. As an education consultant with i-Learner Overseas Education Services and someone who has studied in the UK, I am always eager to share the many benefits that come with attending UK schools.

High-quality Education

Schools and universities in the UK have a long history and a rich culture. Not only do they provide an excellent teaching standard, but they also possess a strong reputation for remarkable facilities and world-class research. Strong regulation ensures all educational institutions in the UK meet the high standards parents expect, and many schools and universities rank among the top in the world. At university level, the UK is especially strong in the disciplines of law, city planning, business, media and engineering

Low Costs

Those entering the UK on BN(O) visas are entitled to free state education. When students achieve settled status, they are also entitled to the lower-level ‘home’ fees at university. Even those paying international fees benefit under the UK system, in which bachelor’s degrees are completed in just three years, keeping fees and living costs low. (Note: some UK degrees require four years to complete, and the four-year structure is standard at Scottish universities.) Students have also benefited from the low exchange rate of pounds sterling in recent years, which has further reduced their financial burden.

Convenient Application Procedures

Unlike in Hong Kong, school applications are a centralised, one-step process. This is the same at university level, with the UCAS applications being similar to JUPAS, providing students with a hassle-free experience, even when applying from overseas.

Healthcare for International Students

One of the concerns students have when studying abroad is unexpected bills. In the UK, although only full citizens are eligible to enjoy free medical service from the NHS (National Health Service), others are entitled to the same healthcare service by paying a modest Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) when applying for a student or BN(O) visa. Therefore, in addition to the service from study-abroad travel insurance, to which international students often subscribe, the healthcare service in the UK ensures students are at no risk of racking up large medical bills.

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